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Added Value

Highest security levels ensuring the confidentiality of the provided information. The tool protects the confidentiality of the participating entities.

Process Standardization. All applications of your company will go through the same process. This allows you not to have to rely on the human factor throughout the significant number of decisions to be taken, thanks to the establishment of a stable and intelligent protocol.

Increased efficiency. The implementation of the platform allows you to focus on those cases that represent a higher risk for your organization.

Less risk and lower costs. The possibility of avoiding premature stages fraud is not the only source of cost-savings of the tool. It also allows cost reduction within the current regulatory framework; where there is a directly proportional relationship between operational risk and the obligation to supply. 



Admission risk reduction. The technology behind this platform will allow online access to a broad common operation request file for detecting potential irregularities in the data of your applications and for preventing fraud from the time of request for an operation.

Shared Intelligence.  Why limit fraud prevention to the data provided by your company? Every day there are more entities willing to share their information, keeping the confidentiality of the provided data, for the purpose of getting a greater volume of data for performing queries. 

Online service. Having all the online information at your disposal will allow you to make faster and better decisions, reducing processing times and increasing the quality of the services for your clients.


Confirma SistemasHigh security and confidentiality standards

Confirma SistemasStandardized processes for avoiding the randomness of the human factor

Confirma SistemasPossibility of fraud prevention in early stages

Confirma SistemasThe tool enables important cost savings

Confirma SistemasFraud can be prevented from the very moment of the application request

Confirma SistemasThe data volume provided by the companies participating in the platform enhances the shared intelligence.


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Confirma SistemasAdded Value

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