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How does it work?


But what is the mechanism of this platform?

1Confirma SistemasA request is made at the operation reception point of a participating entity

Confirma Sistemas2- The user enters the application data in the clients system for making a query at the Confirma platform.

Confirma Sistemas3- If there is not detected any irregularity no alert will be given to the clients system by the platform.

Confirma Sistemas4- If irregular data is detected, the platform sends an alert to the clients system and opens a new case for further detailed examination.

Confirma Sistemas5- The analyst(s) will access the Case Manager to examine the case, determining the potential inconsistency of the data of the request. They will process the information to establish whether to create a case or not. 


Each application, in which an irregular data is detected, will generate an alert in the clients system and a case to be analysed at the platform.

Each request made at the platform will be included in the Confirma File. In this way, the file that integrates the system increases day by day, this represents a considerable help for decision making at the fraud departments.


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Confirma SistemasHow its works?

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