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In the recent years there have been significant changes in the regulatory framework regarding the following laws:

- The Law on Money Laundering Prevention

- The new consumer finance regulation,

- Capital requirements for operational risk (Basel II and III), - Law of Payment Systems, etc.

These are legal changes that introduce new figures within the operational framework of the companies. And that have precipitated the need to adapt themselves to the new requirements.

On the other hand, the immediacy of service provision requires companies to have systems of increasingly complex intelligence to lessen the risk of fraud. A reality that collides with the lack of information sharing tools which would increase the chances of fraud detection by increasing the data volume to be analyzed. In general, the Spanish market of funding providers does not systematically use cooperative fraud prevention tools; hindering the access to key information for to the development of these intelligence systems.



All this has provoked that market players have been challenged to specialise their processes, improve their practices and participate in sharing tools. We are a company committed to developing solutions which respond to these needs. Now, the knowledge can be shared thanks to technology and the reliability of companies with an extensive experience in the sector like Confirma Sistemas.

Tools like the platform are allowing this, thanks to its reliability, flexibility and adaptability to the internal routines of for your company. With this system, you can evaluate variables that previously could only be treated once the contract was concluded.

Confirma Sistemas Platform

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