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1. Confirma file “(forwarding documents pending )”

shared application file for operations created in order to prevent fraud through the detection of irregular data and based on the data provided by the participating entities.

2. Flexibility and customization.

The individualization of the service allows that the intelligence of the system adapts itself to the reality of each entity. These can define their own specific decision tree; using rule groups which are adapting themselves to the organizational structure of each company, its products, the type of interveners, the channel or the characteristics of the sector in which it is operating ...

3. Access 

The platform has several access channels (online and offline enquiry) to facilitate the integration of the internal enquiry procedures of your entity. It is designed to operate as a useful tool with a high degree of autonomy, at both, operation receiving points and fraud prevention departments.


4. CASE MANAGER.  It allows improving the effectiveness of the evaluations

This platform is a valuable tool for the analysts of the entities, who are analyzing the severity of each alert generated by the system. For these procedures there is the possibility of getting a web workflow: a web manager for investigating the cases which are generated by the rules, and which allows displaying each case providing an evaluation on the possible inconsistency of the data contained in the request for analysis.


5. Personalized alert service

which will allow you to define your own case generation system and define which alerts will be applied for the detection of inconsistent data, prior to establishing business relationship. It allows you to adjust the alerts generated by the system to the changing business reality, being able to change “Champion/Challenge” processes to apply different weights and severities to the rules depending on the different business variables, like the product, type of intervener, channel, etc.

6. Consulting service

Prior to the actual use of the platform our consultants will counsel you regarding the definition of the specific rules of your business. At the same time they will also help you to develop the rules which adept perfectly to the needs of your business.

7. Fraud prevention policies simulator

The platform includes a “What if” application, allowing you to simulate the same case under different fraud prevention policies, finding out what would have happened if other rules had been applied.


Confirma SistemasConfirma file allows the detection of incongruent data for fraud prevention

Confirma SistemasPersonalized service

Confirma SistemasAdapting service to each company needs.

Confirma SistemasOnline and offline access channels to the platform

Confirma SistemasA Key tool with a high degree of autonomy

Confirma SistemasOnline alert system

Confirma SistemasCustomize rule set to detect inconsistencies. 

Confirma SistemasFeatures

Confirma SistemasAdded Value

Confirma SistemasHow its works?

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