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Values of the company

1. 1. Objectivity

Operating without subjectivity is one of the main values of Confirma Sistema. Our services are oriented to analysing operations that companies are managing every day. We rely on technological knowledge and specialized consulting for data collection which will generate business intelligence. Our tools are based on objective criteria for generating useful information for your business. They neither interpret nor value.

2. Trust

Confirma Sistema is a company owned by leading companies of the sector, which select and guarantee the best professionals for the development of new services and tools related to risk management and prevention. We provide your company with the best practices and the experience of the best professionals.


3. Shared knowledge

We believe in shared knowledge as one of the major advances introduced by Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Information sharing is a growing demand in the market due to the huge benefits provided. It is also a practice which generates naturally shared intelligence and reduces unnecessary risks.


4. Agility

We know that the most evolved companies are increasingly exposed to the demand of providing fast and efficient services. Information is required 'here and now'. Therefore, we generate services and technologically qualified tools to provide immediate and reliable answers that meet your company's internal practices (Know Your Customer).

5. Flexibility  

We know the specific needs of business organizations. Every business is unique and requires best practices. All our services are designed to suit the operational reality of your company; by complete modular solutions that you can adapt to your structure and daily activity.

6. . International vocation

Confirma Sistemas has a significant international presence. Furthermore it is owned by companies with global implementation. The experience in other countries allows us to monitor what is happening in other parts of the world, attracting the best solutions..


7. Sustainability  

Confirma Sistemas is a company committed to a sustainable development and environmental protection. We provide companies with technological advances that allow cost savings in the processes and the substitution of the paper by digital formats..

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